The New York Times from New York, New York (2024)

WASHINGTON. The Rtltimm Oaveatlea. (irmHlnci mf rse New-York ZHnl Jvmea. WAfltttaoTOW, Sunday, May 30, 132. The lVmorratc DelefMes an! politician have Uftited upon this City ewsrm of bees.

They are soon to be hived In Baltimore, and ten to one the drones Wt'l fet aJl the honey they may make. It has always beea a ml sr stood in the Democratic party that the mem-' bert of tie Convention nominating a President were entitled to special ahare of Government patronage on that recant. Tbey ran make, or not make, any man Fresi-- dent, aad therefore they are better emUJed to the spoils -w mrm to lend a support le the party ecaerslly. Hot at tMs the State, bar. taken rare to destroy office, by Intres.iof the number of JjTj IVMwiiDtfiamanr men to provide for, tost me test lp TroV the mult.d...oUs Delegate, hvYEVmd0ecmem at this Con venuon, to make a select vriS a iew to than heretofore.

TH8 xomisaTIOx. Mr. Buckahak and Oen. Care still ahead, and nex tbcra In the minds of Jbe iVlrjatea art DoreLA, Mabct, and "DicKtBson. Ytwnf America mar yet brine en candidate, because old lerydom la etivided ejrsinet Uartr.and theretofe cannot at snd.

I doubt whetm tliey will rornnenre anntt ng for rre-aidant beiore Friday, tlnsjgh Ibey aneoa A LVL.L CONG. There will be scarcely a irworum in CMifW' thia week, and nothing ran be dorm. The lJuonnn men were vrry sorry that they ntedtHmi with the Miasouri Land Bill. It wss at a wrung time. They have hazarded some votes by for BtciiAXAR.

Tttey Mopped the game Saturday oa that eereuni. ABBEST OP MR. RAKN'KY. The Chief CleVk ef the State Department. Mr.

"Kvw-tii, caused ttie arrest of Mr. Joan BaKMBy, by mailing oath before Tnefjetrate that he had pot Sab-Tiea in peril of his life, and therefore Mr. Babs-ey waa bound over to keep tlie peace. In Basket's amusing account of his difficulties with the French diplomatist, he slates that M. Siinai had applied to the executive frunl nrnfvrluin Thin was dnoMed at the time, bnt it seems that tbe fact waa so, and tnat Mr.

IliiRTEB, aa the only le al means of affording protection to the (Minister, to the police magistrate, tie behalf. The Wfclar TnresalMtCiana. tetteref Ifea. j. Javmes -Janes.

Frest 'the toshmUc Rtpmbhean Banner. XVAeitrNSTOW, 8anday, May 18, 1852. Gen. F. K.

Zollicofpek Dear Sir: At some snissporeheneion seem to exist, as to the motives that prompted tne to remain In tbe sWhig Cauena after a portion of the Southern members had retired, and as a disposition has-been manifested in certain quarters to misconceive and -misrepresent those motives, I ask the liberty of speaking foruiyself. With the motives or conduct of those that chose to retire from the Caucus, I have nothing to do these are anattera of theira, not mine. I did not. leave tbe Caucus, because I -did not see tbe propriety or necessity of doing so. did not see that the interests of ihe country, of the fcouth, or of the Whig party required i cs such I felt it any duty to remain.

The Caucus wu assembled for the specific purpose of recommending a time and place for the meeting of the Whig National Convention. I was then and am still of the opinion that our powers extended thus far and no fhrtht r. To have gone beyond this, would, in my judgment, have been an assumption of power not delegated to the Caucus. The people in aaost of the States had declared tn favor of a National Convention. Many of (uure among the rest,) had appointed delegates to attend that Convention.

All that was asked, expected or desired of us, (and that only aa a matter of -was, that we, according to the usape of Ihe party, should designate the time and place tor the assembling of the: Convention. To have a-AuLl n.w nftininn a Knn il.marf 11 tYrm vsase, an nsurpation of power, in elTect, the revival of the old Caucua system in its most odious form. What riht had this Caucus to make a declaration of principles for the government of the party What right had it to lay down rules precedent to the nMetiiig railed by the people! I thought these powers tM-loncrd tothein and as tbey had appointed their agents. clothed with these powers, I was unf tiling by any act Ol mine to interfere wuu tneir ngnis. ii mis sen-ron-tituted caucus, wholly irresponsible as it was, had a right to affix one condition precedent to the meeting of the Convention, it had a right to affix an indefinite number tf it had the right to declare one principle as a part of the Whig creed, it bad the right fo declare what -should be the ml ire creed of the partv if it could properly decree these things, it had to take but one other step, and that waa to -flcsijinate the man who should be the representative of those principles.

What, I ask, would this have been, but a revival of th old exploded and justly odious Caucus stein, long since condemned and consigned to the tomb of the Capulcts, from which, I trust, its putrid csreass may never resurrected, i I thought the people tally competent to manage their own aflaira and declare their own principles; and as they had appointed their own agents for that purpose, I waa unwilling to intervene between them and the exercise of Tlieir privileges. Hence I was unwilling to do more thau to indicate a time and place for the tnoeting of tbe Convention leaving the balance to tho representatives of the people, to whom it belongs. These are briefly the rcavon that induced me to pursue iiic ri'uiiiv i urn iiuu lifi, bi iinvutrrii luimimeu, out of oppotitton to the Compromise meaHures. 1 have been the advocate of those from the day of their presentation fo tho country down to tbe present moment, and in lhnttaurus soexpressed myself. These measures Were adopted as a compromise, calculated and intended to give peace and quiet to a distracted country, and as such sl.ould be acquiesced in by all.

They were intended to allay excitement sod H'Ay thm coh-: iinur fs fan thm ttamrm of mrcttanal paation ard preju-sfire sy coMtantly tkruttmg tkem forward tm ALL occa-mm 1 Is this the best mode of allaying agitation? Is is not rather adding fuel to dying embers, which if let alone will soon expire, never again to alarm tbe tears of -the country by their Jttrid flames These measures are the Isws of the land so one propound rrprml them opinion, no effort will be made to Ttpral tkem and if it was, it would prove an abortion, ending in defeat. I think it comjieteut for the Convention, when it assembles, te declare its approval of these measures. I hope it miy do so. 1 think the whole coantry, Nortlit md South, should be willing to acquiesce la them. 1 think the great body of the people, in all sections of the country, are willing to acqsiesce in them.

I here repeat, what 1 nave ever said on ail proper occasions, that I will support no man for the who is not in favor of abiding by these measures and sustaining them tn good Tail h. That my motives should he impagned, and my rondnct assailed. Is what expected, i have been long accustomed to these assaults they, therefore, give me little -concern. In every public position to whicb I have been railed, I have endeavored to ascertain my duty? and then disc barf it fearlessly and faithfully believing that my frienda would be sat wiled at least with my motives, and not raring whether it suited my enemies or not. 1 shall thua continue to act, hoping and believing that my frienda are able to rare of them Ives, and I will try and take rare of the balance.

'I repeat, that with the motives and conduct of those' who retired from tbe Caucus, I have nothing to do but 1 do know that those Southern gentlemen who remained in tne anrua, are aa true to the country, to the South and to tne compromise, as those that retired. I will not recur to the antecedents of the one or tbe other, to deter mine wno nave shown themselves tne truer friends or the Compromise measures this, is a question Infer to the country. In the inventive imagination of those who seek to And fault, and who labor with great aridity to conjure up acme unworthv motive every act. it is aliened that I my Course touching this affair was suggested-by a desire to conciliate tne jortn, in order to secure niv nomina tion to tbe Vice-Presidency. That I desire to conciliate the North la true.

I desire to sll nsrts snii sections of the I nion. 1 would, by all honorable means. promote the harmony of all its parts. But that I seek to conciliate ihe North at tbe expense of or for ae purpose aoove indicated, is a gratuitous assumption oa tbe part of those who would doubtless have found some objection equally great had I taken a different course. My name has never at any time dr nlace been used in connection with the lee-Presidencj-, by any agency of mine and if" my frienda in different portions tbe country have seen fit to use my name, it is as cruel as it ia umunt that I should be mada ihn tn-iim nf tnese ruthless assaults, ir there is anything wrong in it, ia no fault of rather the misfortune of the hiadacss ef civ litemis.

v- lA I ka IILUW iH HIUIIMl BO R1UCI COS- eern on mis subject, and who seem te think that some great wrong has been Inflicted on the country by the nsrre presentation of my name, Jie such I would say. peace, be still'" I have never ought the place, 1 do tsot seek ft I have never wanted it, do not now want it; and if my name Is presented fa the Convention, it will fee wit boat my agency or consent. I hope this will re- tar but 1 roufesa that some other equally just and i plausible will be found. I am content with tbe position 1 have, and ia the coining contest seek no higher honor thsn to bear my part in tbe labor and toil necessary to vindicate the principles or tbe tug party, and secure Its triumph. When tbe Convention shall present Its candidates to the country, I shall not stop to inquire whether they are any first choice or not.

1 have long since learned to sur- remter my preferences te the good of the country. All I shall ask to know is bat tbey are sound nstional eon- eervative Whigs, true te the Union, the Constitution, and all ita compromises. With these assurances I shall hackle oa my armor and ro into the fight, not for thirty or sixty days but 1 enliat lor the war. I seek. no new alliances, no new affiliatione.

I am stHI a Whig. The old Whig party is good enough for me. I want no third party, composed of fragments torn from otter partiea, hound together by-no comiuon bond, united by a creed er code of principles, ma principle of adhe- aioa hut tbst of a name. 1 repeat that tbe Whig party ia enough for me. 1 have ever thought it a Union party.

I selteTe in its principles am content to abide its for-anes, am ready to follow it through gloom to glory or rvs Respectfully your obt serv t. JAMES C. JONES. ow TH Laws. snetM )aut tolls recent adjourn-oftt; wlrM aectiona of the Act ce for tare and allow- taal tare can be msds In oeyona ac- Favixb in the Lixtiit From private letters, we learn ef great suffering from ths wsol ofjrovisions in the Eastern part of Crawford am ia rren Counties the long winter hsving exbsnsted almoat every specie of provisions.

only tr Kit at had become exorbitantly high, but "J8; nips, beans, dec, were scarcely JA price. The scarcity of ssest. also. hst Tenetal destitution throught th.t l' rfareS inch a degree as to arrert forwwkTaUle AUkimls of grain h-ve been at espric" during the gre.ler part of last winter, hcld not be procured la some parts for love or money. Thi.

lesrn, is roone Immediately confined, to one line 'f that country, some 40 or 50 miles wide lned Isst Jone by destructive hailstorm, destroying the grain and meadows in the range of its sweep. FUtM bur America. Vksskls Camiekd ajid i AsHOftE om Lakc Michio as. Inuring tbe severe gale on Lake Michigan en Tuesday, ineu, the schr. Elbe passed oiT Waukegaa a vessel which had been ca paired.

The crew were clinging to the wreck, and help from the Elbe was ont of the question, the poor fiilows were left to their fate. It is wpioed ihe vessel was either the F. Porter or pih lumber vessels which left Chicsgo, light, for the lumber regions on the previous evening. Cspt. fcn-iti, of the schr.

John, tVrsaf, reports that the schr. President, With a cargo of lumber, went ashore at Pierre Marquette on Smday night, 16tU, and the Grant was only sAvrd froai going ashore by slipping both, cliaia cables and loshrg the anchors. UsivEBarfY or Observatory. At a meeting of the Trustees ef this laMitntion, on Xhe S6th the Wkwiirg pintlemen were elected o4tcers of tbe Hoard: Preset Hon. Stephen Van Kensselaer.

Vice-Premdcmt Tkomu 'W. Olcott. Cor-retpondtetx Secretary O. 3d Mitchell. Recording Secretary J.

II. Armsby. Treasurer Isaac W. Vosburgh. Plans rT the Ohservatery tsjOding were presented, and tbe fdtowing gentlevsen were' sppeinted the Building Cemsrattce: John N.

Wilder, E. Wioks, and John B. Troy. The work will be commenced as soon as a rord to the grounds; can be. bait.

Thb Fugitive Slayk Case at Hakrisbcbo. We hsve stated already, that ia fugitive slave asmed Js'mes Phillips, had been arrested at Jlarrisburg, an Monday, and delivered up to claimant, Mr. Fint, tf Fauquier tkainty, Virginia. Tbe Jlarriaburg Tec- graph atatea that Phillips has lived in that town, where he hss a family, for the last fifteen years, snd that measures are aboift tn be taken to test the legality of the proceedings of the IT. S.

Commissioner in the case. The arrest has caused great excitement, and subscriptions are to be tsken up to purchase the freedom of the fugitive. A Mr. John Zulie, of Terre Haute, and Miss Jtebeecs Britton, of Indianapolis, were married in the cars an the Madison and Indianapoli Railway, on Monday of last week. The reason given by the bridegroom tor this railway speed in so solemn a matter, waa that aU the money" he had wfch him was a bank-note not current beyond Indianapolis, and he didn't want to cheat the minister." MARRIED.

On Wednefdsr, 26th by Rer. John H. Waterhnfr. R. S.

VAN TASSEL, of Willmmsbure, L. I eldest daughter of David S. Hiegms, of Union Towu-ship, Essex N. J- At Providence, R. on Thursdar.

27th by Rev. S. V. Field, Mr WILLIAM WAKEFIELD to Miss HARRIET 8. REI.f'HKH And at the same time and place, Mr JOHN COTTON MATHER to Miss JULIA M.

BELCHER, daughters of Joseph Belcher. all of Prori-tlence, R. I. "DIED. On Mondav erenincMARY EfelZA.

danehterof the late Henry R- and Mary Elizabeth 2 years, 8 months and It Uavs. 1 Her remains will be tax en to Rhinebeck for interment. COMMERCIAL MP M0XEY AFFAIRS. Sales at the Stack 31 V. S.

6s, '68, 120 800 8. 6s, '67 .11 00 lT. S. '56 109 9.fM U. S.

4s. '65 b3. 107J ti.OOO Ohio 6s, '63 104 li.tOO Ohio 6s. 'X 106 t.tOQ Peunh) lrauis 96 lO.CflS do blO 96 I.V0U Tennessee 3c 92 23. COO Ind.

State 5s f.MOAlli. kSchtD. HUs.IlM lO.lMO Erie 1st Mtge. Hda.1161 i 000 Erie Income 9'j 3.000 Erie Ctmvert. 87J I.fHKI do.

't2 9i l.doO Reading Bonds '78. S3 1.00U Panama K. K. Bds.118 100 Del Hudson Canal, ll'f 5 do 117l 33 Rank Commerce 110 20 Ocean Bank 107 20 N.Tf fcTr Co 133 I 5 Ohio Life Trust ltM 3A Astor Ins. Co 98 Sua New-Jersey 12? 100 do s60 12 3A Canton Co.

81 100 Edceworth o. 8 kO Panama Kmlrnad ....120 100 Nicaragua Transit Co. 75 do b30 3M 123 do 33 20 Penn. Coal Co 93 3sErie Railroad b30 87 220 do 87 100 do s30 87 30 do s6 87l 330 Harlem Railroad 72i 25 i do 72 100 do 721 100 do s30 72t 18 Harlem R. R.

Pref ...1111 30 N. Y. N. H. R.

100 Long Island R.R. 3)0-. do 2ii0 4 do 25 Nor it Wor. R.K. 30 do 130 Reading Railroad 7(j l(lj do.

s9 77 30 i' do. 860 771 10U i do. 7Bl 50 sf)0 77 25 HmLson Riv. R.R b30 6 30 Madison tt Ind. R.R.

73- do 6Mirh. Southern .120 20 N. 11. te N. L.

K.R. 76 .830 20 20 2S 361 5j Eric Convt 10 5.C10 10,000 do. do. do. BKC0HD 1....

97; 97: I7 97 IXiO 98 CtO Indiana R. Bds. 96J jfo i Lilc and 1 rust. .107 2(0 North Am. Trust 11 12 Hunk Commerce' 110 15 Nicaragrun Transit Co.

3i In l-'loTenre fk Keyport. 33 10 Canton Co oig felj 25 New-Jerser Zinc 13 25 Porumouth Dork 6 BOlRB. 300 Hudson a16m 61 100 Readiupc Railroad 78 6O0HarlcV Railroad 721 2iH) dt. bfiO 721 nj ici 1IMI (Ml, .1. 2'g do.

b30 72,1 tkfl, 1.30 73 100 do 72rf New-Jersey R. 110 50 Nor. a Wot. R.R blO 351 50 Erie stO 87 21.0 do sill 87( 23 Roch. Syra.

R. K. .117 todatyef any wei.habl. tiU aUow.suilr two per cent, on Itauide for peruv. leakage wuTalso vm i muj taK -wnnt itaei Vnwffsen aaT 1M fortaticn will st Jl be subject to dcdaetiea froii the dutiable value.

The ssme decisiOD also declarea that thm sU action pat by the Treasury Department upoo the reve-atielaws, as regsrds tbe imposition of duty, im binding astil reversed by Judicial and that no clams can t-e made for a return of duties under sttch Treasnry construction, unless the parties, at the time cf entry, marie a protest specially stating the ground cf crjectiea. Ai lmttUigttkctr. Monday, May 31 6 P. M. Tlie Stock.

Mferkct ipenec firm in the forenoon the Fancies closing at about Saturday's rates, while sound Stocks -exhibited an upward United States fs. of'CS, Coupon Bands sold at ISO, and the Bonds of "67. at I IS! which was an advance. Ohio 6s. of '56, advanced Norwich snd Worcester I Psnams Raijrcad 4 per cent.

Reading Erie Convertible Bonds Hudson River; Madison andr Indianapolis Michigan Southern sold at 120. Erie Stock declined Long Island New-Jersey Zinc Co. Nicaragua and New-York and New-IIaven At the Second Board sales were to a fair extent, the heaviest transactions being in Erie Convertible Bond's, of in Harlem Railroad stock. The former advanced Vt Reading and Harlem Sterling Exchange waa inactive at HOirallOf Afew large houses asked 1101. Francs were at 5.16.

Money continued in usual abundance, and call loans were st 4 4 1 and good short and medium dated paper at 5 a6, according to character. Cotton, with light sa)es, cloeed dull, while Breadstufls were without mate rial change, with the exception of Indian Corn, which was a trifle firmer, and the market active. Groceries were also firm, but with the exception of Coffee, sales were moderate. Freights were have, to notice en gagements of 4,000 Ob 5,000 bbls Flour, for Liverpool at Is snd Bushels Corn in bulk at with 100 box es Tobacco at 2s. Cotton was at id.

To London 1,000 bbls Flour were taken since last report atls. 6d. To day Is. Sd. waa demanded, and 100 Boxes Tobacco were erg a pod atSs Cd.

The Havrea Packet of the 1st Jons waa full wHh Cotton at 5-10c (31c. There were two or three vessels up for-Australia, but rates were irregular, There was no change to notice In rates to California. The business of the Sub-Treasury, to-day, and the results of the month, are exhibited in the following statement: i tj 3,296,220 38 May 5. 1852. Balance 1 SECE1PTS.

On account of Customs. On account of Patent Fees. On account of Post-oftice Dep't On account oi Miscellaneous. r-ATMEKTS. On Treasury Prafts On Post-oifioe Department May 31, Uil Balsnce $2,037,135 C6 3.2JO 75 47.3! 13 1,956 31 2,661.961 05 1 39.256 f.5 226,506 83 63 X.0S5.733 48 $3,900,448 15 Msy 5, 18J2 Py Ralance of Funds to pay Iii'erest a Couposs i By Add'l Appropna'us.

FAYMSXTS. On T-easnry Notes Ou Instalment due 1. 1B51 r. On InKtalment due Jan. 1, 1852.

Ou S24.400 87 7,063 00 May 31, 1832. Balance Treasury Notes funded Receipts (or Customs ia If ay. 183 1L. 760 20 rJ 50 S.tWl 50 8,410 00 31,463 87. 14.075 20 17.388 67 1 12.700 00 SO K637.135 6 excess la May, 1832 15,837 K6 The detnaiid for bauds as 'an investment is in creasing, and prices advancing.

The Colttmlsas Ohio State Journal of Friday. says that a draft ef the Fund Commissioners on the State Treasurer, for the July interest on the Ohio' State debt is protested. From tbe eonaecOoa in which this announce ment is made, we infer that thia difficulty has occurred through (he neglect of the Legislature to make a specific appropriation for the payment of the interest, in accord ance with the requirement of the State Constitution, that no money shall be drawn from the State Treasury ex- re pi ia pursuance of a specific appropriation made by law." i Markets bf TleTpsV NcwOatKASs. Saturday. Mav 29.

Cottow silft to-day. 4,000 bales at outside prices since tae- reception ot me Vmmbrta Mews, sootations are strsrt auddlina id audlinc Hkv The4ncresM tbe receipts at all tae Southern ports kw 670,000 bales ahead uf IJHM vast 1W hotim aa it tlus sort is I02.SUS sies. KBs.hhts havs dee 1, tied. (XAusi tsvkea for Livernoul at d. Eterliag, exchange cent sresuuia.

CisctsjcATi. Monday. Mxy 31. 10CJ haa been offered here to-day for Little Mi-ii R. R.

Stock, including the Juaedinctoad. Baconsides are at Sc. Lard. 508 sees prime soU at aai barretVcd sato. Mess Pork soils at $10.

i BAXTT5SOBB. Moaday, hf SI. Sales were made today of 600 beeves at net. JSew-Terk Cattle Si. Hi-Bortrd far fk WnkFirl fi TvmtM.

Far Imsj, at Ois WsssisasM Dssia Vsas, cor cf roarUt-wrasme vasy swn suiss. ass as CsuiaisuBi'i Msssss Rms Hut, toot of IiIimiii wisl Fee Css asd Cassbs. us and all but 3C0 sold. Sales at from 7J to xi 17 tbs iorsser, and 75aJ 10 $4 30 for 's latter. AT CitiSitttAW's-Hupsos Hives flca't, Hub-Of-fernl, 150 Beeves sales at from 7c.

to 9c. 30 offered sales of fresb at front $22 50t $33 to $30. Sheep and lambs, ottered. 1,300. and 300 leftover snsold, kales of Wool Sneep, at from $2 Sheartddo.l7$Jto$-i.

LaJiits aold at from to 1 30. Markets CmrxfuUrrer-rtem the tfew-Tork Dmtlw Times. Mojioat, May SI 45 M. ASHES Are abundant ar cheaper, tM WJs. bavins beca disposed of to-day at $3W? 87 i iCl Pots, and 12 for Pearls, tr 10 Irs.

COTTON Has scarcely varied. The activs detaaad con-tinuinir at full previ-jn, prices, ahtch. mfluesccd by the Arctic news, have Ktroni; teadencv to rise. Tbe-aapply is limited to about bales, and ihs sales are under fM bales. FLOUR AKTj meai State and Western brands present no new leaturs of aa mtereatina nature The stock of the former is pretty ample, and of the latter, augmenting a hile the deavand ior both, especially the inferior and low the rVof, is brisk from the Vaster and City trade, and tolerably vo from skippers at current qnota'ions.

Tbs sales anxMiut to 12. WO obis, soar st $1 S8i superfins. No i2v at $3 68)s3 74 pood common Orleans and ordinary to straight State, at Si Otii lf with mixed to fancy Western choice State and favorite round hoop Ohio at $4 12j4 $4 31 1 far cy al $4 S7 extra Ohio at $4 75- $5, S'jd extra Genes ee at 75. Canadian is in fair reqiest and firm in price. 1.30S ltls.

superfine realized $4 0Go $4 12(, in bond. Suothsrn is less ia demand, and lareer stock, at depressed rates. 900 bbls. mixed to favorite ordinary qualities rbanred bands at $4 31i 8I 5t'i. Rye Floor is lers plentiful and a shade more valuable.

1.4 bbls. onns-ina $3 I2is S3 25 bbl. Corn Meal la dull and heavy at $3 ltl for Jersey and $3 30 for Biandy wine. GRAIN Wheat is eaentially unaltered this tupphetand incj'Jints beibg moderate, at well-maintained firures. 5.000 hsheU Michiean White brought $1, and bunhels Ohio White an nnknown rate.

Kve is apparently rare snd hicher 3.710 bushels fetching- and now 77c. is asked. Parley rules very dull, at 6ic 4HiCc. bushel Oats are a.ore socsht after, at 4c 42c. for Western, and 12c i4tc for Northern.

Corn is in (rood request, heavy in stock, and steady in price 53.000 busnels hsvmit been sold, at 58c 'c6lc. for mixed Western 60c. for While Southern, and 62 fc for Yellow Wesiera PROVISIONS Pork ia less inquired for. at the former Cures, sales were made of 3M) bbls prime at $lti 23 and mei-s at 12j. Pickled MeaU are nnchanced.

Haccn is plenty and lower with sales of 23.000 tbs. short Western middles at Pic. Lard is less freely offered, and is in treat demand, wvin sales of 330 btds. fai to prime at lb. is lirm and active, the transactions consisting- of 300 bbls.

prime, at 3(1, and mess at 73c with 350 tierces, prims mess at $18 26. Beer Hams, Butter snd -Cheese are salable and uniform at the quotations of Saturday, before siven. Comet forward -quickly, and crincesa downward tendency, 80 bbls bavin? hanged hands to-day at $J0 59 for poor Ohio Snd $21 for Prison and $22 for extra Ohio, per gallon. Sale or StocIcs at Philadelphia. Monday Frrt Hoard $2,680 I.hiph 6, 87; $500 Ihigh Interert, cash.

90; $2,524 90; $1,500 Pennsylvania 5s, 96; 5U0 do. $7,000 96t $17,000 Readme 6s, 70, 83i; 10 Lehigh Nav lgation, 40 Pennsylvania Haiiroad. 4J Morns Canal Prefeired, lf'2i 120'MechanicsBaiik, 30. Jirttceen Boardsii.ltOO Readme 6s. 70.

b5, 83f $5,000 Id, 31 2 Pennsylvania Railroad, 43t 30 Long Island Railroad. b5. lli- Srcond Board $2,000 Keailins Mortrare 6s, '44. 91v $275 Pennsylvania 5s, '6 $1,000 96t Ixhigh Interest, cah.90; 90; $10,000 Schnvlkill Navnnstion 511; $3.30 Lehigh 6s, 87 $240 Schuylkill Navigation Interest, 32t; 19 Cnion Canal Preferred 8 per cents, 50; 70 Penusvl-vania, R.R,b5wn,43t; 20 do. 43; 90 Schuylkill 12 31 Lehigh Navigation.

40 2 Commercial Bank, 60 6 South-wark Bank. 76 80 Oirard Bank. 12f A tttr Board $2,000 City Railroad 6s. '85. 107 10 Planter's Bank.

76 200 Reading Railroad, b5wn, Closing Prtcct United Slates s. 't8, MHjIIJi United States 6s, 'fl7. llSf-ailOi Pennsylvania 5s, Reading Railroad, 3wa3y; Reading Bonds. TO, t3J 33j Reading Mortgage 6s '60, Pennsylvania Rjiilroad, 43i43. Morris Canal.

Schnvlkill Navigation, interest on WdS4i Lmg Island. 104-aiOj Vicksbnrg, 152 13 Girard States Bank, 3a4 Union Canal. Sssss aaS Lssm. at Issssiss'a, si ita-st. naHLSlsssiUBS AT WllSlku*ms llinrs Vill rtnmrmA 9 Soft H.

(2 and Wsstena. remainder this State.) The 7." ork''d danag ihs work, wit a fair hm tnm to 9i. for good reta.l- cwUShdslL bad iott e-rer aasold. Market ana Calves. Sales at ma i $55.

Left sver. 10. tlwn asI 1 uh. 13iA.13t. Passengers Sailed.

In bark Montezuma, from Demrrara Dr. Jt C. Sanger, J. F. Heron.

P. Mcintosh, H. Leslie. Mrs. Baum.

Miss Mnum In bark Peerless from Para Henry Lee Norlis, (U S. Consul) lady, three children, and servant. Jn Bnrk (iibrniter. Mr. Mulligan, Capt.

Lo-' pez, Mrs. Blumes, Mr. Caracia. STIHIATOaE 4XMXSXC THIS BAY. Bun Rises 4 34 Set 7 SJIMoon Sets 3 28 HIGH WATER THIS OAT.

Sandy lOiOov. 7 00 i Hell 41 MARINE IXTEUJGEXCE. PORT OF MONDAY, MAY 31. Cleared. Steamer West Wind, Hitchco*ck, New-Orleans, Adam Smith.

Miip Hibernia, Malony, Liverpool. Thos. Rirhardf on. Ship Falcon, Wade, St. Johns, N.

J. O. Baker Co. Ship Yorkshire. Young.

Liverpool. H. Marshall (k Co. Ship Sultana, Barrett, New-Orleans, Win. Nelson.

Baik Childe Harold, Olmstead, Havana, J. J. Taylor Co. Bark Fmerald. Cnvler, Quebec, T.

L. R. De Wolfe. Bark Crotou, Hnudlette. Lisbon, Sandy fe Sandford.

Bark Restaurader, (Dan.) Jensen, Haniacoa, Moller, Snnds Riera. BngM-arine, (Br.) Bondrot, Halifax and Picton, J. H. Prame. Bi ig Mary Jane.

Gates, Doboy Island, J. W. Elwell Co. Brig Lima, (Br.) Kales, St. Johns, N.

Roome Dm-widdie. Brig Susan Small. Small. Philadelphia. Brett, Vose Co.

Brig Drotnehiur, Payne, St. Johns, N. B.t Orinnell, Min-turn fa Co. Prig Phebe A. Paige, Lincoln, Norfolk, Thompson Hunter.

Prig Gns-tavns, Snow. Lisbon. FoMer Nickerson. Brig Percy. Bunker, St.

Jago de Cuba. J. W. Elwell Co. Brie Moses.

-Wicks, harleston, Oco. Buckley. Schr. Orepon, Rich, Newark, master. Schr.

Margaret, Wcglam, Petersburg, J. Hunter Co. Schr Harveit, Pressy, Taunton, master. Schr. Orianu.

Dodee, Richmoud, C- H. Pierson. Schr. Kliza Fuowman, Salem. Brett, Vose Co; Schr.

Henrietta. Halleck. tJeorgetown. S. C.

R. Post. Schr. Ashland, Walpole, Norfolk, Sturgess, It Schr. Paronee, St.

John, Plymouth, N. C. Slaight, Ouniba bx o. Schr. Fair.

Gillett. Baltimore. Mailler Lord. Schr. R.

W. Brown, Hulse, Wilmington, Dollner Potter. Sloop Oregon, Sturges, Providence. Arrived. Ship Anstiss, Steel.

Manilla. Jan. 23. mdse. to Wet more It Crydcr.

The ship Bombay for Boston sailed a few days previous. Ship Vicksburg, Hughes, New-Orleans, May 10, and the S. W. Pass May 13. cotton to W.

Nelson Si. Son. Br. ship Berrmann. (of Liverpool.) Mathews, Callao, 100 guano to T.

W. Riley Co. Tbe B. has experienced Heavy earner ou tne passage. Ship South port, McCormack, Savannah 4 cotton, kc.

to fM urges, lies rms st to; Prussian ship Eugenia, Gaehtmas, Hamburg, 39 ds. Bal. .1 ll U. IJ 1 1 1 BJU 1 fJ'C .1, 1 l-t lUb 1MUVUU, Slip B. R.

Milan, Allen, Eew-Orleans May 11, mdse. and 18 ri s-eugers to J. H. Brown Co. Br' ship Iowa.

Kerr, Liverpool 45 mdse. and 333 pas- fchip Wisrasset. Holmes, Havre 39 ballast and 312 patenters to W. Whitlock. Ship Arabian, (Br.) Carey, Belfast, 47 salt and 266 pass, to oruer.

Hamburg ship Franziska. Dow, Hamburg, 43 days, mdze. nu jinriiEe'B tu ajmutnil. Ship Berlin, Benson, Boston, 4 ds. in ballast, to R.

Baldwin. Bark Ariana, Wade, Gibralter 40 ds. rice and brimstone; has been 12 ds. N. of Hatteras; aid.

in eo. with bk. Riengo, of and lor Boston. Jomain, do. ship Plao, do.

Bark Miame, McDonough, Tralee, (Ireland.) 42 1 II 1 1. V. Bark Roxana, (of Thomaston.) Brown. Boston, 9 ds. bd.

to New-Orleans, nut into this nort in distress f'mit n. TKirts Mav 2fi lat 39 V. Ion f.l IS in a wvr tfW.m lost maintopmast and yard, lore top, maiutopjallant- wiiM. some riginc anu sails. Bark Edwin.

Johnson, (of Boston. Sacna la Grsmls. May 21, sugar to master. Sailed in co. with brig Henry Mathews, for Boston; schr.

Anita, Damon, for Charleston. Bark Montzeuma. (of New-Haven.) Downey, Demerara, may 14, ana M. 1 nomas, may 17, naiiast to Br. bark Henrietta fcophia, EUery, Bordeauv 49 bran- dv to V.

W. Bavard. Br bark Sisters, Holdforth, 51 brandy to Lexer Co. Bark Montpelier. of Camden, Colley, Mobile 16 cotton io cagie a nazaru.

Bark Alexins, Chae, Mobile 15 dr. Cotton, kc, to Eagli Hazard. Brig Denmark, of Boston, Woodbury, Gonaives, 17 IIU WW pc9 luauugnjijr, ifU IHfl If 11 CC, io II. OL Vesstl to master. Br.

bng Unicorn, Martell, Nassau (X. 9 with cotton and sponge to master. Norwegian brig Echo. Gogsted. Sandep.ior (Norway) 47 ballast and 157 passengers to Francke Meint-ke.

Br. brig Hankfort, Holmes, Windsor, N. 14 plaster iu miuiLvr. Br. brur Daniel Hnntler, Coalfieet, Guantanamo.

(Cuba.) A- k- 1 i. Bi. brig Mulnian, Barclay, Sunderland 49 ds to Barclay Livinirston. Br. brig British Queen, Brown, St.

George 6 da, lumber to eniiin uoynton. Brig Frances Jane, (ot Harrington) Johnson, Aux Caves 22 collee and lug wood to W. T. Weld Co. The captain (Alexander) died in Aux Caycs.

Biemen brig Don Quixote, Easts, Bremen, 52 in ballast and 92 passengers to Meyer Stuckcn. Brig Empire, (of Sullivan,) Simpson, St. Jago de Cuba, jo sugiu i nompson li unier. Brig Citizen, Brown, Calais, 10 lnmler. Brig Zoara, Handy, Doboy Island, 7 timber S.

H. Brockeubangh. Brigs Live Oak and Benicia, heuce, arrived out a few da previotta. Brig Van Conver. Sweetser, Gibena, (Cuba,) May 18th, sugar and molasses to master ling Susan Duncan.

Mitchell; St. Johns. P. sugar, kc. to P.

Harmonvs Nephew. Brig Dido, of Machios, Small, fiuevitas, 13 mahogamy, kc. to T. Owen. Br.

ship Riverdale, WUaoa, Liverpool, 45 da. mdse. and passengers to D. Pilkington, is bound to St. John's N.B., to load for Valparaiso.

Brig. Wm. L. Jones, Tyler, Savannah, 5 ds lumber to Colls, Stark Co. Vessel to N.

L. McCready Brig G. Baldwin, Montgomery, St. George, granite. Brig K.

O. Holt, (of Bluehill.) Connerv, Zaza. (Cuba,) 20 sugar sad molasses to R.P. Buck, lias been 7 days N. ofHasteras.

Schr Susan Ludwig, of Wtyne.) Crowell. Atjraadella, P. 18 surar to master. Left no Am. vessels.

Schr. F. Davenport, Thoroug hgood, Edgar'ton, N. C-, shiBsles to Benton Brother. Schr.

Isabella, achias, Ids lumber to 3. T. Snow. Schr. lex.

M. Perry. Wareharn. 3 nailai Schr. Eodora, Mathews, Machias, lumber.

Schr. as. Hall, oe. Portland, stone. Schr.

Samnel Hall. Andrews. Portland, stone. Schr. President.

Brookes. Portland, ft stone. Schr. Micanor, Hiuks. Kingston, N.

for Portland. Schr. John Wright, Dickinson, Portland, stone. Schr. Planter, Parker.

Boston, for Albany. Schr. Rambler. Rogers. CherrytieUl.

ds lath. Schr. President, Foaeett. Calais, 8 da lath. Schr.

D. Hart, Crawley, Eaatport, 7 aadSiceU to Mayhew, Talbot Co. Rver, McKenney, Nassau, N. 12 cot too to La. Herr.

Br. schr. Newfoundland Packet. Farrell. Goayama, 22 Dr "vera Baldwin.

Ift no Am. vessels. Br schr. Belmont, Smitk, Wisdsor, H. 6..

plaster tomsster. 1 tchr- IelTS' McGregor. Lnbee, I plastsr to master. Schr. Gen.

Marion, Rowlep, Norwich for Philadelphia Schr Andrew Jackson. Norwica. bound to Piermout. Schr. Eliza Amanda, Williams, Va, 3 wood.

T'' Towasend, Va 3 ds wood. Schr. illiam A. Dub usque, Sobiason. Newbern, N.

C-. 3 ds. stores Toador- Jrtoa. Oporto, S3 days, wins Schr. Rio, Carlisle.

Newbera. N. it ds- naval stores. Br schr. Perseveraace, Crawford.

Pnnm r.L.r.r. i.i.n.1 ds oa to order. Schr Fmrea Ober, Port-au-Prince Mas 14. ooffee sad W. aand to Nesmith and Sous.

eitiir Isipbene, lof Frecmont. Holder, nnuim to mahxarsn to Bell Co. fcchcrYiiry Knapp, Wilson, of Portlan-1. Cape Haytiea 14 ds 4x4fee. ae.

Left schr. Northers Liarht. tar PlmuU.1. shis, sad others not recollected ecar. k.

j. uaseii. jvew- Avery aiataasaa. It laesppiea to C. Arfcerly.

Lct bna Reiadear tor Nev-oik. May T2d bark Burhmrtow. WIND Sunrise. N.W. meridian, 5-! sunset, S.

Belew. 1 ships, I harks snd 2 brigs. Sallea. Snips Westein World, Hoses, for Liverpool; Jaa, Drake, lor do. Br Telearanku BALTIMORE.

Mar 3S Arrive, bars Rainbow. Rro Janeiro, April 17 brig Ellery, Lagaira; hrs. Clara. Rio Janeiro, EiliuU, Uishjgaa, Jvsetune, sad 8. P.

Lord, New-York. BOSIOS, May SO Arrived ship Crasadsr fm. Tome, Chin ProteUor Ontana. fm. New-York.

NEW-ORLEANS. May 2 Arr. ships Manilla. Bay ft ate. and Parthenon.

Creole, (St. Caarles, ana William Nelson, New-York. Saekern. Ice. Msy 5.

lat. 3 Ion. 4, brig Orlsaas, from Buenos Ay res for Antwerp. ny 25. lat.

34 07 loa. 70 S3, hark Rrchmend, Hanilet, fm. Boston for Havana May IS, of Tortmras. ships Cfcmck.rrn. new-tjrieans ior Liverpool John Bryant, lis.

do. tor John Adams, fm. do. fordo. May 21 off Key West, ship fm.

Nsw-Orleans for Havre. Msy 22. off Cape Florida, ship Tennessee, fm. New-Orleans tr Havre. May 27, 1st.

10, Um. 71, bn Heory Mathews, IJevereax, fm. Sagtia for BoKtoo. I May Z3. lat.

40 3S, Vss. ffcy Pilot bos William Skiddy) Bremen ship Adler. from, Breiuen for Bsltimors ihip EUen, Thompson, for phihsdefisisa brig Oxford, (of Portland.) frs. Bordeaux for Phrladelphia. April 30.

lat. 47 Ion. Br. bark Kntann, from Sidney for Lsdon Br. bng Cornelias, from do.

do. Msy 19 1st. 2. Ion. 14.

schr. P. Armstrong. bound sootb. Msy 13.

in South Mount Passage, brig Susanna. 25 ds. la. Boston fee Domingo, had lost fors and main topmast, ia tbe Golf Stream. May 17, Ut.

23 21. loa 67 58, schr. Democrat, fm. Curaros forHsisB. i May 19.

lat. 27, Von. 70 14, schr. Messenger, Snow, 12 hence for Baracos. May 12, in the Para Eiver, bound up, was seen bark Frances 'im.

LivereooL No date, ia hs Bahama Cbaanel, saw a steamer (pamted similar to the Long Island Sound boats) round to under one of (the Keys near the Guaiaba Island, anchor and land two lost loads cf men, who immediately bnilt a lire; bnt we were obliged to tack off shore, as the wind was dying away, and we were in shoal wster and aicht coining on. We saw. tbe light of their fire all nicht. They did not aopear like a pleasure party, as the promenade deck waa deserted tne whole time, while the main deck was crowded wnh men. May 14, brig Egyptian, for Boston, 7 da.

Fsreica Parts. Remedios. May Lysander. Fnow. fm.

and for Boston. brits Motto, Vining. fm. and for Portland, next day Caroline, fin. BoKton.svtg.

At Cientuecos. May 11, barks Mandarin. Coliy, for New-York, 1 8th; Yuba. Boston, 10 brigs Elmira, Hall. ldg.

for Baltimore; Violet. Crows II. wtg. cargo for Halifax Aleda, Fales. for New-York.

18th Zeanbia, Carlton, lor 8 ldg Seni, Lemon, for 8 ldsv; Tbomss Stewart. Owens, for Baltimore, wtg. cargo; Ma-" i ine, Dick v. for New-York. 8 ds.

Hope, Lonng. for o. 7 ds. At St. Thomas, May 20, shipa Alesti, Nickerson.

Boston, for California, riuished repairing, taking in cargo; Orinoco, Chapman, fm. Southampton; barks Bsltimors. Lebanon, fm. Baltimore, for Rio Janiero, repairing; Ann Lizzy, Nielson. (Ham.) fm.

Stockholm; brics Kenophon. York. fm. Baltimore Brothers, Br. Henry, fm.

Cardiff Elvira, Peters, fm. Pan Prince Albion, or Albert, (Br.) Marmand.fin. Newport, 47 Montezuma, (Br.) Downing, fm. New-York, arr. 19th; schrs.

Laura Ann, Pink ham, fm. Guadeloupe; Greenway. Kirhy, fm. St. Vincent; Louisa Margaret, Bleasdell, fm.

Demarara Adams. Guada-loupe. Cleared Bark Seboois, Campbell, for Cieafuegos, 15th; Elizabeth, Dexter, on a cruise, 18th; brigs Eliza Dudley, Hopkins, for Porto Rico, 15th New World. Cast-ner, for Raggett Island, 15th acb.

Fanny Mitchell, Parker, for Bangor. 15th. At Sagua la Grande, May 21, barks Franklin, Mitchell, fm. Havana for New-York, 3 Pancbita, Lane, hencs for Philadelphia. 3 Victoria.

for do. Attica, Faton, for New-York 10 Paul Bocgs, Dizer, for do. Mercy Ellen, Stever, for do. Junita. for Cowes, ldgj Ksnnawa, Ttundy just arrived, brigs G.

W. Brinkers-hoff. Philbrock. for Boston, Azores, Amesbury, New-York. 14 (Is apt.

John Consins, 16 schrs. Silas Hand, Haulkey, for J. C. Freemont, Taylor, for Boston, 3 ds. At Nassau.

N. May 18, brig Pedrazza, Demitte, far New-York. 20th, the only Am. vessel. At Manilla, Jan.

23, U. 8. ship Saratoga. Walker, fm. and for China in a few days ships Manteo, Blotcbford, fm.

Panama for New-York, soon; Argo, Crocker, from and for Boston, unc; Capital, Magon. from California for do. Siam, Canton for do. Andes, Thayer, from Sandwich Islands, repairing, having, been dismasted in a typhoon bark Douglas, Ropes, from California for Boston, 20 ds at St. Helena, bark Odd Fellow, for Sag Harbor, soon At Dsmerara, Msy 14.

bark Reindeer, Franklin, fin. Wilmington for St. Thomas; next day bark Kate Lincoln. Sherman, for Bonair. sailed the day previous; brig Royal Sailor, for St.

Thomas, sailed the day previous. At St. Jago de Cuba, May 12, brig Leontine, Merryman. for Boston, 5 ds schr. Kureka, from Boston, arr.

11th lust. At Zaza, May 11, brig Zaza, for Naw-York, in 4 days. At St. Johns, V. R.

May 16. schrs. Panama. New-York John Tunis. Crane, for Norfolk in 13 ds.

brig Frances Jane, Young, ldg. for Baltimore. At Neuvitas, Mav .18, Julia Ann Connerv, for New-York in 14 ds. Cebden, Cornish, disg. Marshal Ney, Libby, fwr New-York in 4 ds.

At Nassau (N. May 20, brig Pedrarga, Doirlty, for V. Y. next dav. The only Am.

vessel. 2V8 sWes cotton, 15 do. sponge. Draper Dt vlin. 1 insurance! FINANCIAL.

REPUBLIC FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Insurance Buildings, cor. of Wall and uf-fiees Nos. 18 and 11, ground floor. TSUSTESS Saml. 8.

Howland James Warrea, Seorgs Curtis, Stephen Whitney, Arthar Leary, Geo. T. Ades, William H. Russell, S. Kennedy, Daniel B.

Fearing, Denning Duer, John J. Astor, Angs. C. Downing, John Stewart, Jr. Fred'k A.

Delano, Gazaway B. Lamar, Robert B. Mint urn. James C. Bell, Wm.

H. Asmnwall. Reuben Witners, Dan'l Drake Smith, Wm. Butler Duncan.Edward C. Center, Fred'k G.

Foster, Chas. H. Russell, Josiah Oakea, Peleg Hall, Isaac Townsend, Joseph Gaillard, Jr.R. S. Hon.

John A. Stevens, Jas. M. Waterbury, This Company baring their Capital of $150,000 paid la fa cash, and securely invested, are prepared to insure against loss and damags by fire, on favorable terms. The charter of thia Comnanv nrovides that, after oayiui interest to ths stockholders at ths rats of 7 per cent, per annum, four-fifths ot tbe remaining profits are to be divided among the assured in acrip, bearing interest, which scrip is to be redeemable in cash, whenever the accumulatsa pronts ana capital anal) amount to one million dollars.

ROBERT a HONE, President. D. F. CtJBaT, Secretary. IUILIINi ASSOCIATIONS AND GENERAL JLS FIRE INSURANCE COMPAIN Ofnceio.5 Tryon-row corner of in the Harlem Railroad Contra- pany'a building This Company, having; all their capital, one hundred and fifty thomand dollars.

($130,000.) paid in and safely invested, are new prepared to issue policies of is-kurance against loss or damage by fire, at the lowest possible rates of premium, on rents, buildings, furniture, merchan dise, ships building, vessels in port, their cargoes, ac. DIRECTORS. John Bruce. Caleb S. Wuodhull, Simeon Draper, Ab'm Wakeman, Alphens Banning, Casper C.

Childs, Charles Jenkins, John Hull, 6olomon Jessurun, John Yellott, Wm. N. Dodge. John Hooper. Chas.

Hull, Walter Brady, Robt. McClellan, Calvin Cond it. Alfred Jones. Henry M. nor.

Hy. A. Carhart, John Buxton, Francis w. Waller, imoiny n. uurger.uavis i onamore, eiaraie L.ivesey, Josiah Whitney.

Cyrus H. Loutrel, John N. Olcott, JohnW. Newton, James H. Pullis, Saml.

S. Wyckoff. Fred'k H. Nichols, A. P.

Fondy, DanL D. hitney Reyal Houghton, John Morrison, JOHN BRUCE, Presides. Daniel Barnes, Secretary. John T. Sieppebd.

Surveyor. Applications through the post will be immediately attend- a to. THE BROOKLYN FIRE INSURANCE CO CHARTERED IN 1824. Offices. No.

43 Brooklyn. No. Merchants' Exchange, all Nsw-York-Have their Capital (aa also a handsome surplus) invested ia the most andou bled securities, and continue to insure Build-lags. Merchandise, Furniture, and other personal property, Vessels in port sad their Cargoes, apoa aa favorable tsrau as any outer similar lasxitawon. 1SKCTOBS William Ellsworth, William Miles.

Alsx. H. ftchnlta, Phineaa T. Barn urn. Elnah F.

Purdv. John D. Pvs. Danl. D.

Howard, Sam. P. Towns ad, Hss. Quacksaboes, Caleb 8. Woodhull, John Eadie, Justice 8.

Redfield, Chas. T. Cromwell, Joel 8. Oatmaa, J. W.

Amermaa, Anastat's Nicholas, Robert C. Bell, Fordyee Hitchco*ck, Richard L. Allsa, Jobs W. Uenia, Jonn u. Smitn.


el 4th Month, 6th, 1852 This Compauy, with a CASH CAPITAL OF 9210,000. wiui a surplus oi over iini.wuu, lasorss against loss or dans. ags ny ars oa lavoraois terms. BUtEOTOII. George 8.

Fox, C. W. Lawrence, Richard F. Carman, aivn a. o.

ik us, nenry n. arrow, Josiah Macy, T. C. Chardavoyns, Hull Clark, Wm. H.

Falls, Ralph Mead, Win. C. White. Joseph W. Corlies, Richard Field, John J.

Walker, John D. Wright, Elias Hicks, Chas. H. Marshall, Abraham Ball. Irad Hawley, Ehsbx Riggs.

GEO. 8. FOX, President. Samxtel Towns Secretary. N.

B. Applications ia Albany at the office of W. C. MILLER. No.

5 State-st. OROAOWAY INSURANCE COJIPAItY. Office m-m no. 4 is ztroauway, cor. canal-st.

Capital (200,000, with a surplus. Orders by post or in person will receive grompi aueuuen. pibectoss. chureman Halsted.Charles Sandford, John T. Fisher, John Harper.

Chester Dnrgs, Aaron Arnold, m. V. Brady, Saml. B. AlUiause, Wm.

Truslow, Wm. B. Skidmore, Bernard Smvth, Crowell Hodden, Wilson G. Hunt, John W.Mefserean.John McLean, Leonard Kirby, Helmns M. Weils, Stephen V.

Albro, Geo. T. Cobb, Mat hew Bird James Foster. Fran. W.

Edmonds. H. M. Forrester, Washington Yale, Lewis Doty, Reuben W. Howes John W.

Rumsey, Benj. F. Camp, John B. Dickinson. Francis Godme.

HIRAM M. FORRESTER, President, JOHN AT, Secretary. FIREMEN'S IXSCRAXCE COMPANY, No. 5S corner of HniiTr-il funis, tminit lna i damage by are, dwelling-houses, warehouses, and other ba tidings, merchandise, furniture, and other personal property, oa the snoot favorable terms. SI SECTORS.

F. T. Lnqueer Elias H. Hemck, Edward O. Faila, Oliver T.

Hewlett, Wm. A. F. Pentx, Joha Phelps, 8. M.

Thompson, Cornelias Smith, Titus K. Adee, E. Townsend, Jiobert Spier. antes Chambers, Willis Agnew, Jacob R. Nevios.

Abraham B. Sands, 8. T. Skidmore, George H. Swords, James Taylor.

Ira Smith. J. A. Robertson, Jacob Harsea. Wax, g.

Hsrrunaa, n. 8. Rirwland. FRANCIS X. President.

NlEL GsaT, Secretary. THE REPUBLIC FIRE INSURANCE CO. Insaraace BuUdings. No. 49 corner of maia floor, in rear of Sua and Atlantic Insurance Offices Insures against loss sad damage by are, on rents, haildiags, household furniture, merchandise, ships ia port, and their cargoes, ke.

oa favorahla terms. Thia ia k. oaly Firs Insurance Company, with a cash capital, ia which ths policy holders sartieipate ia the profits. KOBkki 8. HONS, Fresidsal.

DoncaN F. CTjaT. Secretary, EXPRESSES. W1 COMPANY'S CALIFORNIA KXPhEKM A Inint Sl.k -1 J300.000. OmceNo.

Nsw-York. Henry Wells, Johnston Livingston, Wm. O. Fareo. Edwm B.

Morgan, Alex. M. C. Smith, Henry D. Rice.

a. rr auwut a. MORGAN, President, James McKat. Secretary. This COBlDSSV filviav nunnlat abovs.

ars now rsadv ia 1. fc. warding. A gene and Commission Businna. ths purchase and sals of Gold Dnst- Bullion ami Hill, nf v.k.....

psysnsnt and collectioa of notes, bills and accounts, the' for- warumgoi ooia iust. Bullion and Specie, also packages, wrcels. and freights of all descnptKins. ra and betweca the City of New-York and the City of Saa Francisco, and the Hajde. txprulW.Vir, aa tiyms, aad Livmastoa.

Walls at Km. sress. 1 Tfsey aaveestablished Offices aad faithful A rests in aD anu towns inrournoot tae asters, fal special ssssssagsts foraiahed with iroa chests for the se-earnyetf treasare and ether valoable packages, aceosapaas each Express apoa all their liaes as well tn Califoraia aa the aV tm ant as Clal SA -Va I "fc I tf niDTrt. a a JfAw IDT mnmmWMY SS4A SXUZiaTS. VSfSAA will Anserscan Express Company, and K.

vV. WASH BURN, lats of ths Bnk Syracnse, have hsea aoousted pnacipai Ajreau ia Calaoraia. SALE OF SETEN PER CENT. FIRST MOhi-GAGE CONVEKT1BLK AONCS OF THE JUNCTION RAILROAD. I OH jo Th is Compssv offers for ale FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS SEVEN PERCENT.

FIRST MORTGAGE BON lift, doe 1st of wntts laterest Cos pons at tacked, dse April as pnaotDSA sad interest payable ia lsu at any linse be fors maturity of tae Roods The Junction Railroad begin at Cleveland, aad following the Lake shore closelr. passes throngh Send est to Port Clintoa whence it will cwinsct with tbe Soothers tchigaa Rnad at Tolsds. and wiileitesd by Penysrxirr aad Massaee Ctty, throasrh WiU bests County, to ths west use Ohio, towards Fort Wayae the whole distance of ths Road, with branches, will be K3 miles The distance from Toledo to Dunkirk by this Road ia ths shortest possible. For the purpose of ennstmo. turn, tbe Road has been divided into three sections.

Tbe fint extends from Cleeelaad.ce miles, to a point a little west of Sandusk the second. i3 miles length, will reach beyond the Manatee River the remainder of the line coa-stitutes the third section. The first section passes through a fertile and well settled country, aad over a vsry level surface, following ths Lake six its as aeartyas immsiMs. This is by far the? mom expensive part ef the Koad, by reasosi of crossing ths strtams. engineer's estimate of cost is SI4.64W per miie the 'whole is under contract at prices within the estimates the iron purchased part of ths Kosd ready for superstructure and it is.

expected to open this section of the Road not later than. the 1st of January 1 ext. It will st nnrw mans into ass as aa sxtsasiosi of the Mad Rater sad Lake Erie Railroad to Cleveland, that Company having aareed to provide the necessary The es timated cost of ths Eastern sectioa is Stock subscribed snd paid is Stack paid to Bonds now issuing-. t.3z5.eos loo.ooS 4JO.00O Sell siA These 11450-000 Bonds sow offered for sale, are secured by a first and only mortgageon the first section ofthe Kosd. extending from Cleveland and Sandusky.

miles. The trustees of this mortgage are GEORGE S. COE. DANIEL S.h11LLEH.of Nsw-tork. aad EBENEZER LANE, of Sandusky.

Ohio. The second section, 53 miles, will extend, from Sandusky to a ooint a little beyond the Manmee river, and will include tbe stations at Toledo and Maumee. Thia part of the line is nesrlv a dead level. The engineer'e estimate of this section of it miles is per mile. The subscriptions applicable to this division exceed 175.000.

and sure are expected. Aa offer has beea received from a responsible contractor, to execute this work and receive payment from meaus now within the power of the company: tbe acceptance of this orTer is suspended, ia tbe hope that better terms can be obtained. The Western or third section, including a branch in Williams County, is 90 miles ia length. No surrey has beea malls, but from sufficient examination, the engineer estimates fjhat the entire cost of this division, except irun, will not exceed S3.0V0 per mile. A subscription of ItC.tCni has already been obtained, and a larger additional sum ia confidently expected.

The Junction Railroad received its pame becanse it is intended to connect aad form into a continuous line, the terminating stations of six different railways, viz Three at Columbus, (the Cleveland. Painsville and Ashtabula Railroad Company, the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad Company, and the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad Company.) two at Sandusky, (the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad Company, and the Mansfield and Sandusky City Railroad Company.) and one at Toledo (tbe Southern i Michigan Railroad Company.) A Railroad connecting the. principal stations of so many important routes, and forming a necessary link of the great channel of communication between the East and West, would seem to leave no room to distrust the productive character of the stock. Besides a large local traffic, it will enjoy the immense travel and freight passing; from New-York over the Erie Railroad to Dunkirk, Erie, Cleveland to Toledo, aad thence over the Michigan, Southenifand Northern. Indiana Railroad to Chicago Some judgment of the probable value of this series of Railways may be formed from the fact that the stock of the half-finished road between Cleveland and Erie, is slreadv above par.

and that of the Southern Michigan is daily selling from lit to 119. Sealed proposals for any amount of these Bonds, not less than $1,000, will be received nnttl SATURDAY, the 5th day of June, at i o'clock P. M. Proposals to be directed to Messrs. DE LAUN AY, ISELIN CLARKE, No.

63 and endorsed Proposals for Junction Railroad Bonds." Twenty per cent of the purchase money to be paid on accepting the hid the remainder in equal monthly instalments of twenty per cent each; The takers ofthe Bonds to be at liberty to pay at any time in full. Interest on the Bonds to run from date of payment. Tbe above Bonds will be sold absolutely to the highest bidder. Pamphlets and Maps, and any further information relating to these Securities, ran be had by epplicat ion to DE LA UNA V. ISELIN fc CLARKE.

No. 63 Wall-st. THE BRUNSWICK CANAL AND RAILROAD COMPANY OF GEORGIA offer for sale, through 8 DRAPER, their SEVEN PER CENT. MORTGAGE BONDS for reimbursable at their office. No.

9S Broadway, en the 1st ef May, These Bonds are for 1.000 each, wit coupons attached for each 35. payable 1st May and 1st November, at their said office. They are secured bv the first and only mortgage on their property to D. HA bOLHH MARTIN, President of the Ocean Bank. Trustee, with other slues inserted in case of his demise.

The Brunswick Canal and Railroad Company was chartered by the State of Georgia in 1(35, which charter was renewed ia 1851. with perpe ual privileges of a liberal character. The State has subscribed aad paid $50,000 to the Stocs, aud the Company have a capital of $475,000 oa the Canal, wuu is all but finished and the proceeds of the Bonus are to be apnlied to the payments for the completion of the excavations ssd of the building of the two locks, one at each terminus of the Canall They will require mo more money to fulfill all their enragemen'a for perfecting their works, which are in active progress, and the Canal will be onened for traffic on the 1st of October next. The Brunswick Canal is 12 miles Ion; and 53 feet wide, and extends from the great river of Georgia, the Altamaha, to the safe and commodious ocean harbor of Brunswick, where it is fed by tide water. The Altamaha.

and its forks. tbe Omnnlgee and the Oconee, With tl eir numerous tributaries, afford an inland steamboat navieaticnof over 1.000 milea to Macon, Milledgevi'le, aad all the treat central cotton-growing region of Georgia Immense quantities of this staple, aud of the vast supplies of excellent ptn- lcniber which cover a portion of the country, are wafteo down ti.ese. waters, but are prevented a free access to the Atlantic by the bars which obstruct the mouth of the Altamaha. in common with all the great Southern rivers More than a century ago the aaeacity of General Oglethorpe led him ta fix on Brunswick as sure to become the most important seaport of his infant exdony. He laid oui It town.

the British Parliament approved the selection, and recently our own General Government surveys, (se the reports of i aptains Stockton, Sherburn, Claxton, and others, and 1837.) pronounced it oar only safe and accessible Atlantic harbor for large ships, south of Virginia The Har-bo- is handlocsed and affords the best snchorage for frigatea close-up to the wharves of the town. The entrance is about a mile wide between the islands of St. Simon ami Jek vl, and ia nearly straight, with X4 feet water in 'he shallowest part cf the channel The town of Brunswick is situsted on a bluff. 10 to 12 feet above -high water, ia amply supplied with pure water, and as no fresh rivers debouche into tne harbor, the vicinity is perfectly free from the malaria so prevalent at the mouths of the Southern rivers. Extensive arrangements are being carried out for lines of packets between Brunswick snd the Northern cities, snd no one can doubt that upon the opening ef the Canal a full tide of commerce will flow through it ccmpletinc, as it does, a feature Known nowhere else in the Southern Slatea.

of an immense district preeminently rich in products for foreign commerce, snd whose wide extended inland waters are thus connected with an excellent port at a salubrious point, of the easiest access te our largest ships Any further information required can be had of THOS. A. pKXTER. President, Boston: of A. DAVIS.

Treasurer, Nq. 90 Broadway, or of the Auctioneer. The Bonds will be disposed of at a public perrmotorysale, at the Merchants' Exchange, at noon, on THURSDAY, the 3d of June, in lota to 'suit purchasers. Thev will carry interest coup- ne from 1st May, and will be sold payable one-third cash, one-third 1st July, one-third 1st August, with interest from day of sale. They ars receivable for Canal oils FFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE CONSOLIDATED DEBT OF NEW-ORLEANS New-York, May C.

1852. By virtue of the 37th Sectioa ot the Act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled "Ai Act to Consolidate the City of New-Orleans, and pro-. Tide for the government and administration of its affairs," approved 3d February, 1852, and of the 5th Section of ths Act entitled "An Act Supplementary to an Act to Consolidate the City of New-Orleans, snd providing- for the incorporation of the City ef Lafayette with the City of New-Orleans," approved 23d February, 1852, and ofthe 3d Sectioa of an Art entitled "An Act Supplementary to an Act to Consolidate the City ef New-Orleans, and provide for the government and management of its affairs," approved March 11, 1852: SEALED PROPOSA L8 will be received at the bankingw honse of Messrs. COHNINO ft ia the City of New-York, from SATURDAY, the 15th Msy, to MONDAY, the 19th July next, st 12 o'clock, for the purpose of all or sny portion of a series of TWO THOUSAND BONDS OF THE CITY OF NEW-ORLEANS, for the sum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH, to be issued in eouformitv with the resolutions adopted by the Commissioners, at a meeting held on the 28th April i 1852 said Bonds to he dated July 1, 1852. payable in FORTY YEARS, at the Office of ths Cit Treasurer, with intercut at the rate of six per cent, per annum, divided into counone nxtschMl thereti titil Mimrmi being made payable semi-annually on ths first day of Janna- anu ine mi uay oi my, oi eacn year, at tne ofhee of the itv Treasurer, oe in ths Citv nt Njaw.Vnrlr at ih twn Of the pnrchaaer.

The proposals to be indorsed Offer for ma parcnue or nonus oi ice uuy or rv ew-urieans," ana be opened, and adjudicated to the highest bidder, by one or more of the Commissioners in the City of New-York, on the third Mondav. the 19th Julv. 1852. at 12 o'clock. In ess thnrs should be an excess of bids (at the same rate) over the amount or nonus onereu, tney sbsll be divided fre rala, as nearly as possible smongst the bidders.

The proceeds of ths ssle of said Bonds to be immediately applied to the payment of all the matured obligations of the City of New-Orleans, and ofthe late First, Second, and Third Municipalities, and of ths City of Lafavette. viz. Honda. fmrMi rounma In. terest on all Coupons and debts over-doe.

Notes, Cash War- i an is, on presentation tnereoi at tas City ATeasarers unite. A. D. CROSSM AN, Mayor, O. DE BUYS Controller, WM.

H. GARLAND, Tieaserer, WM P. CONVERSE. Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board of Aldermen, L. H.

PLACE. Chairman of the Finance rnmmm.nfii. AeiiTtsiit Aldermen, JL. tAtiT, secretary, I7INANCIAL. 100.000 OGDENSBTJRO RATL- a lii'AU bfc.1 ona MORTGAGE SEVEN PER CENT.

CONVERTIBLE BONDS We orler for sals CltiA Ooe Or. densberr Railroad Second Mortgage Convertible seven per cent. Bonds, payable ia 1C61. Interest Coupons attached psyaoie 1 si spni aiMi uctooer ia ivewYera. ne road is 11S miles lonr snd ia rmintof eonstmctrna is not nnus4 hy any road ia this country and is completely equipped fur a farss hniim.a The estimated cost ef the entire road ap to the middle of -r o.zwi.eoe nesiiseo as lot lows Capital stock $1,658,008 Firs, mortgage bond.

185S 1.500 sue Secoad B.O-tgsge bund. 1861 1450.000 a. si 1 snai 00 posting aebt W.i S5.200AOS. To meet the floating- debt the company owe of secondaiort gage bonds (W0 Capital stock tW.rOlt $1,280 SO0 The earnings' for first year with road not ia full operation from Oct. 1, 1858.

to Oct. 1, 1851. were 86. The earnings of second year to May 1, show mm average gain of 58 ner cent. the tin rM.

i rt mriU tm i.i Erom the nature of its position aad the rapid increase of uuicas it ia sniicipaieu tnat ia a lew years it will take rank with the first Railroads in ths country, aad the convertibility of the bonds into stock adda greatly to their value as a sound investment, Tbe above bonds are for $1,000 each. Tor farther information inquire of N. R. COBB No. Wall-st, FINANCIAL.

a MESSRS. DUNCAN. SHERMAN It bssae foirsim Circalar Letters as Credit oa the fbUowue flTVIVl 'J Caiieruhe, Malta, siarseuaee, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Messina, Malhoese, Naples, Antwern. Bnslti. Athena, DussehlortV Berlin.

Florence, Baden-Bad sn, Frankfurt, Berne, Genoa, Bordeaux. Geneva: Boulogne, Gibraltar. Bresson. Hacabsurs. Bnsssels.

Bagni deLacesHavre. Basle. Luwdoa. Cairo, Lecitora, Cobleata, LeipsKV Coiocae. Lyons.

Alsesletten ot credit, psyaoie us au mm anncipaA clues of ths Unrtsd Stars. CaMtia, West ladies, ae. Oports. Oleron. Pise, Boats, Rotterdam, Rio Jaa sire, B' Petsrsbaxg, ftrasbnrg -Siena, Smrraa Tana, Tonloa, Trieste, Veaiea, Vevcy.

Vienna, -Wieabadea, Warsaw. RfZ linn WAVTED-Os bond aad 3U.UUU per ea a brick house which rents fur XS. and tw enty-five lots nf around, situated within a tkiuu sand feet of aaderbllt's Ferrv. La the ssost imnm-ms- nart ef Clifton, St aire Kland. Property worth from $15, MO te US.

Title oerfect, and bond sac iceptmnable. A letter addressed te Ks 3 34 a the Post-O trios, will be attended to. "CNDtlJ JfUNJis OF THE NEW-YORK. AND HARLEM kAILKOAD COMPANY-Thaae are 1 per eeat. Bisil.

reiathersable ia Iss7, with ia-lre emipotw attarbed for sale by BLATCHFORD fh I', rr Trnriiia sr THE MECHANIC AND TRADKft SkYTNO RANK, Ke. Wib-t street, New-York. President.WALTER UjAik.iv.1 1st Hoa. fd Vrca-Presideat. Chaxsler L.

loijOLt. 3d Vice-President, ALFBKB T. co*kaXlJt ftecrelarv. Jambs P. Hamht.

vi 1 Taus isstitntioB will open ff basiaese ea Wsdaeadry taa SStbdsvof May, 1852. ate o'clock P.M. Baidt davs Ma-avs, U'ednesdira, Tharsdsvs sad Saturtisrs, frotattef i e'rWk. P. M.

Interest at tie rate ef six peis cent. wiU he allowed ea all deposits prior to the 1st day Jaly. latest est declared oa the Id Meaday ef Janaary atxiJuly. a sosiU which hsve beea deposited for the space sf thre mnaths next prevroos te the 1st ef January nd Jaly. xhe charter secures te married women aad minors, the aol eoa.

trol of their deposits. i Bsoapwat Bxna. New-York. May 84, iti. 7 LECTION.

The annual elect 10a for ef tkie Xd bank for the ensuinr year, and for Inspectors of tae next secreeding election, will be held at the fcsnkiagheess, sw TU WUAY, ths stk Sav of ss ensamx. It svU wlJ be eneessd at M. aad close at P. M. Ti J.

L. VERTIr. Cashisr. iyiDENPi The Board ef Directors yf the HOW, ARD lNSURAf.CE COMPANY, hseethis day ds eiared dividend lof ten ran cist, apon thepital stock. Kyahls oa aad aftsr Moadav, Jnne 7.

Nw. York. Msy frZ LEWIS PmLLlPYtaJcrstary DRAFTS ONIRELANB). Ire The Snbwiher draw Sight Drafts oa arrows Baaks and Baaaera us Enclaml. lieland aad Scotland, in snsas te suit.

WILLIAMS GUION. No. 4S Faltoa-et. Passage ran be secured by the old Black- Stay Line ef Liverpool Packets, aailiaff 1st, lh, lllh, Mk, list aad ITlk of svery month. Th RAFTS ON ENGLAND.

IRELAND and SCOr-MJ LAND for sny amount, parable in any s.ity or town us the United Kinrdom EDW ARD8. SANFORD Foreign Express, at Adams Co. 's. No. j9 Wall-st.

TOCKS AND SECURITIES Of ajfkin.lasouri aad sold oa oummiassuai by HENRY R.6 AKKJtK. Xa, 1 basem*nt. r'. TRAVELING. PVJ OTIC E.

Tae aabstu Ibei has been appointed Agent fef J. 1 the Michigan. Soataera aad Northeraiadiaaa Rait-roads. Ths at leal 10a of shippers aad passengers is re attested to this route, being the quickest and shortest ta Chicago. Ths steamships sstre State, Semtern AfsrAissw, and northern Jjtduwmm, will ran is ctmaectloa yla the RosaIC at Toledo and Monroe, Buffalo and.

Dunkirk, i' JOHN F- PORTER Afeat, No. 18 Broad-st, HUDSON RIVER RA OF FARE $150 to Albany. I 56 tok soy. on aii Ihroogh trains FOR ALBANY AND TRi3Y Express Trains leave the coiner of Chasnbera-st. and At'ollese-PWs, at A and P.

through ia 4 hoars oohaectiBC with Western Trsia. 2l Wsy Msil Train, 7 A. stopping at all Way Stations. Way Trains, 9 A. 1 P.

4 P. snd 7.W P. M. For Poughkecpsie, stopping at all Way Station P. M.

For Peekst ill, stopping at all Way St at ions, r8 A. AC, 11 34 A. and 8 15 P. M. Exreesa Trains leave Troy for Nsw-Tork, 6VJ5 an 4 P.

Albany for Nsw-York, 7 A. 8.15 P. Through in 4 hours. Way Trains leave Troy, 5 35 A. 10.35 A.

20 P.M.- and 8 10 P.M. 1 Way Trains leave Albany, 15 A 11 AM 11.38 A. and 8.45 P. M. 1 31 From Albany jar Hudson only, 4.45 P.

M. SUMMER "ARRANGEMENTS. The large an commodious steamer, SANTA CLAUS.Csnt. B. Class, will commence her regular rente oaTSATURDAY, 29th of Mav, leaving foot of 4 P.

for Grassy Point, Caldwell's, Coxreus' Duck, Cornwall, aai New burg, landing at West Point, Caldw ell's. Cold 8prinrtr and Fishkill. Returning, will leave Newbmer at 6, A. AI For freight or passage, apply on board, foot of Chambers at' FOR LIVERPOOL Ths new aad id stsaauhip CITY OF MANCHESTER, Robert Lbilh, commas der, will sail from Philadelphia for Livsrpoolioa- THURS DAY, June 3, at o'clock A.M. Saloon, ia smele $4) Saloon, indouble f5 Saloon, in forward state-rosins, $55 Passengers will be provided with Railway ticksts te Paila delphia, free of expense, by the agent.

-i THOMAS RICHARDSON. No. 41 Excajaage-plsee. V' FOR LIVERPOOL United States Ml steamship ARCTIC. Capt.

James C. Luce. Tus stssjaskip will depart with the United States Mails for Europe, positively oa Saturday. June 12. at 13 o'clock fiom hei sertsy at the foot of Canal-st.

No berth secured till aid for. For freight or passage, having- nneqoaiisd accoatfsodations fuf elegance aad comfort, apply to -A EW K. COLLINS Nej S8 Wall-st- The ateanudup BALTIC will aacceed tae ARCTIC, aaeV sailjnns 26. j. ACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP CO Si PA notice having appeared in Saturdsy's papers, cos the idea that passengers provided with tickets (cms renponss hie agencies, would be subject to detention the Istamaa- ef Panama, it ia deemed proper te announce thct the steamsf OREGON was at Panama, at last dates, as a spare ateamer, free of engagements, fur passengers ami in tne absence or accidents at sea.

ths steamers CALIFORNIA, RKPTJB--LIC, TENNESSEE. GOLDEN-GATE, andfcONSTITU-TION, ia the service of this Cempanv, will beat Panama ia the course of the present month. 6r April 3. 1852. WM.

1L DA V1DGK. Secretary. VANDER HILT'S LINE FOR SA? FRANCIS! CO THE CHEAPEST AND SHORTEST ROUTE THROUGH TICKETS WITHOUT DETEHTION. Tha new and powerful double-engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.500 tens, will leave from Pier No. 1 North River, at 3 o'clock P.

precisely, oa SATURDAy, June 5, for San Juan del Norte, connecting with the atexmships PIONEER and INDEPENDENCE, over the Nicaragua Transit Route having but 12 miles ef land teaasportation. These steamers are unrivalled in their cabin and stnerage accom-mod 10ns and, with the increased facilities if the Transit Company for crossing, passengers can rely; upon goimj through without detention at any point. Steerage paasen- gers taken al $180 through, or for $145, they paying their vsra transit. For information or passage, apply ongr te D. B.

ALLEN, No. Rattery-plact np stairs. REATLY REDUCED RATES EMPIRaT CITY LINE. Ths new doublo-euris steamshia SIERRA NEVADA. burden, J.sD.! WtLSO! Commandsr.

will leave for ASPINWALL, JJayy Bay.oe, SA1URDAY. July 3, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Tfiia vessel, isv--accommodation, safety, and ventilation, ia not. surpassed by any on this route, and an experienced Suigeivn is attached to the vessel.

Psssengers per SIERRA NKVADA wiU-disembark slong side tte wharf at Aspinwalf and taks the Panama Railroad, now opened nearly to Cforgoua, thus-avoiding the risk attendant upon landing in xmats at Cha-ares, and the liver navigation to Gonrosns. Apply to J. HOWARD fa SON. AgenU, No. Broadway.

FOR SAN RAN CI CO TUESDAY June 15 The splendid sew donble-enrihe steamshi CITY OF PITTSBURG. 2.400 burden, Wat. C. StotbSboby. Cesa.

maader. This splendid steamship having naiijergtma extea sive alterations ta suit her for the trade, aad tv make her so-commodation superior to any steamer oa thsj Pacific, will sail for Saa Francisco, as abova, st Valparaiso and Panama. Her state-rooms are large awf airy, and her steerage accommodations are superior to ajiy stesaxshia afloat, having abundance of both light and air as well ss sa sxtra height between decks. It is eoandsatlv expected aha will make the passage to Saa Francisco ia as yiort a time ae it has beea made by any steamer, thas offering to families, and to those who desire their comfort, a ayi pleasaatef conveyance thaa by the crowded stsamsrs via Chafres, oaly a limited number of nasseagers will be takes Apply to THOMAS RICHARDSON, No. Al ExchaafS.

place. New-York No. Philadelphia. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY-FORNEW-OHLEANS via HAVANA Tha splendid steamship EMPIRE CITY. 2S0S tonsj JotN LBIDS tommsnder, will ssil from the pier at feat of N.

on WEDNESDAY, June 9. at 2 o'clock P-M precisely SATES Of rASSAGg TO HA VAS A AMO MKW4aisUJIS. Hem Jrronmtment i Ladies' Saloon Berths $701 Forward Saiooi tTO Afier do. do 50Sterage do. 1 do.

ti Specie only taken oa freight to Havana, Freight takes ta New-Orleans at 40 cents per cubic foot. Ships re of freight are requested to supplv themselves with the. Company's bills of lading, which may be had on application at the office. other form will be signed. No bills of lad signed after uii snip nas saiiea.

nr rreignt or passage, ae ply to -1 M. O. ROBERTS. 117 cor? NIT ED STATt MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, connecting with the Pacific Steamxhia Company. 'Onlr throueh line for CALIFORNIA and ORE GON ASP1N WALL.

NAVY BAY. Great reduetioa of rates for steeiage paasenrers. The splendid tTntted Stales Mail Steaaishii CRESCENT CITY 2,000 tons. HtiiT Wi-OLE, Commander, will be dispatched oa SATURDAY, June 5, at 2 o'chs precisclv. for Aspinwall, Navy Bay, and Ihe EM PIKE CITY, 8.000 tons.

Son Lseds, Commsader, carrying Ihs Uaitsd States Mait. will also he-diepatched, (transferring hsr passeuarsrsi at Jlsvana. to the steamer PHILADELPHIA, for Aspinwall,) oa WEDNESDAY, Jnne 9. at 2 o'cl-k, P. from Pier atif.K.t of War North River, hates of fare to Aspinwall Ladies' Ssloon.

State Room, $S5 Lower Aft Bad PbrWard Samoa, $55 Second Cabin Standees. $45 Steeratre, $35. Passengers will be landed at the Railroad? Wharf AspmwsiV free. Transit ef the Isthmus at ths aaasenirers' sinense. The Pacific ail Steamship Company, underprnsentarraare- menis, always nnvs at rauama btsamsnipsinsunctsil soil rs- ceiveu oy uovernraem ior transport lag tne reft mar aad Oregoa mails, immedistely oa their arrival at Ps Bsaia and persons securing through nassags by the United States Mail Steamers from New-York have preerence of to commodation ea board Kates of fare irons Panama tq Saav Francisco on the mort favorable terms.

For freight or sea-ssge apply tr CHARLES" A. WHITNEY, the "office a tsDuaniea. xvo. 111 corner ee New York. rpHRflli TO a llH ED SAN 'FRANCLS420--AT RE-NkW-YOki 1KB FRA.V- CltSCO STEAMSHIP LINE.

Tbe aew steisship UNITED STATES. Cm as lbs C. Bssbt. ComMaader, will take ber departnre tor ASPINWALL. Nary -hay.

ear WEDNESDAY. use 23. at 3 P. at Paaasta with the uw double-engine steaaaaaia -IWINFiELU SCOTT, 2. ISO teas burden.

Kbxbkt Cocii.Las, Cess-mander. which eteamer awaits ths arrival uf psweagsrS at Panama by the UNITED 8TATES from N(rw-York, and immediately thereafter preeeeda to Saa Frasjeisos dasct, withes stopping- at tatensiediata aorta. These swaeess, ia aecoaiasndatmns awd safety, are not snryai si if say ea lai roate. and as expeneseed surgeon is aUacaed tsearh vessst. Ths UNITED STATES has msds ths voyage raKweea New York and Ch acres in 7 days aad 1 hoars, and' the WIJf FIELD SCOTT perforated the voyage between New-Ysra aad Panama ia the shortest time oa reenrw, kail as tsram-aiagsad actaal tissefroes port te sort.

Books se-sew sysaf aad tarenfrh ticksu for sale. Apply te 4 i DAVIS, BROOKS General Ke. 21 JONES At JOISTON. jjesjssja, Fasssagsrs per UNITED STATES will dssssej sAoeues-side the wharf at Aspiawall. saa take the hirwwd now opened nearly to Oorgoaa, thos avewUsaT'Uie risk aa-teadaatupoB landing ia boats at CaagTea, atfdtaeRjver aavixatios ta Gorgona nun mi pull IJlKkCl.

U. 8. J.r A1C EX PRESS LINES. Throogb is 4 i hours. ew, Jersey Railroad, via Jersey City.

living "New-York at 4) A. set IN A. sad 51 P. Libsitr-sC Dkii.j.inki. MBss bears.

foot of Wahsat-et. Vareredaesd to $3 for first class, and $3 5 for second dsssA BrUavirsv Waskicgtea and Ckariestoa through Trktaeld ia thet shove bass, and tareegh baggage earned ia thet F. ALUssV rues New-Yerk. with threagh Coadacter. IS iirirE to fostTR At-royj rvvno r- RAILROAD.

EXTENDING JsJUlM CINNATI TO ST. LOUIS Sealsd prepessU wiU re-: eeived at ths eflices of the aadersigaed ia the eiMeeef Cis--eiaaati aad St. Louis, entil tbe Uth day ef JabS next. Isri the rradiag, masonry aad Widgiac. ef the fxshrsia-seruos8 ef the abovs road -V Ftrst Frees Ciaciaaatl, exteadiag- 71 axUee -woeiorij, the iBtereectioa ef the Madison eadladiaBapol; Railroad.

Seeamd From IUiaoistowB. epposite St. Ls. exiesatiaf 58 sniles eaatsriy. to a point aear ths towa ef iyls.

i Mspsaad profiles of tae line will be ready mmf emaites and all the aecessry iaformatioB will be grvea attaeaSsww eft res ea saa after tae ta last. Fsr 1 from 1 ces ea saa after tas Z4ts last. -i-a rerthe remaiaiaf 813 miles. IT'ZZitommmni as each as desire tbid Js iwjsif IMsm.Vstwu aad sacb isJrsstiesi as thy aeer -f be able te give, the character of the sesatrg bwiac mmf rsa aad preiiauaarr swrr- i CVraher-. "JJjFr2 rtve the fail aasse aa.

as tae a rax. IS HEREBY GIVEN. Bccerttma: ta 1 1 IVOTICE 1 law. to the nScbeVs tberwuf, te the subsrnber st her rT csstle, estcbester Cousty. Stats of Nf-Yor.

fta er betore the tenth day of Jen. v-J1? Pl aj' iau-tatfta. 1 sJisVWA BwaMUl JBFe WsTl rastssaassmeaav a.

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The theme revealer is LATERAL SYMMETRY, 62a. [Feature of this puzzle's grid and the answers to the six starred clues]. The grid's got left/right symmetry and so do all the letters in MAUI, HAWAII, “WAIT, WHAT?”, MAMMA MIA, HOITY-TOITY, “MWA-HA-HA,” and MAXIMUM. This theme is brought to you by TOYOTA.

What is the difficulty of the New York Times crossword puzzles by day? ›

Our difficulty scale increases through the week, with the easiest puzzles on Monday and hardest on Saturday. Sunday puzzles should reflect midweek difficulty levels. Clues should be fresh, colorful and precise.

How much money does the NY Times make? ›

The New York Times Company
The New York Times Building, headquarters of the company
ProductsThe New York Times The New York Times International Edition Other media properties
RevenueUS$2.43 billion (2023)
Operating incomeUS$276 million (2023)
Net incomeUS$232 million (2023)
14 more rows

What is 7000 crosswords? ›

7000 Words Crosswords is a new magazine that's absolutely crammed full with crosswords, with more than 7000 words to input. Our team of puzzle experts reckon that's more than any other crosswords magazine in Britain. The magazine contains regular crosswords, Mega jumbos, 'Double trouble' and Skeletons among others.

What is the New York Times crossword puzzle? ›

The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases that cross each other, by solving clues in the Across and Down columns which lead to the answers. The New York Times Crossword increases in difficulty from Monday to Saturday.

What celebrity has the middle name Gail? ›

Oprah Gail Winfrey (/ˈoʊprə/; born Orpah Gail Winfrey; January 29, 1954), also known mononymously as Oprah, is an American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and media proprietor.

Which nytimes crosswords are the hardest? ›

How hard could it be? The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the hardest, or involve the most wordplay. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest.

What is scoring 100 on the nyt? ›

Scoring 100% on

The answer is acing.

What are the GREY boxes in the NYT crossword? ›

Click on either a clue or a box in the grid to enter an answer. Clues marked in gray indicate that a word has been entered. How do I navigate through the puzzle on a computer? You can move your cursor to the left, to the right, up, or down with the arrow keys.

Who owns nyt now? ›

It is owned by The New York Times Company. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., whose family has controlled the paper since 1896, is both the paper's publisher and the company's chairman. Its international version, formerly the International Herald Tribune, is now called the International New York Times.

How much does the CEO of the Nytimes make? ›

According to our data, The New York Times Company has a market capitalization of US$6.9b, and paid its CEO total annual compensation worth US$10m over the year to December 2023. That's a notable increase of 36% on last year.

Who is CEO of New York Times? ›

Meredith Kopit Levien is president and chief executive officer of The New York Times Company.

Are Tuesday crosswords hard? ›

Monday is the easiest and Saturday is the hardest, with Sunday puzzles being larger and having the difficulty of about a Thursday puzzle. The biggest jump in difficulty is from Tuesday and Wednesday as the words get longer and longer and the clues get trickier. Hope this helps.

How do you get better at New York Times crossword puzzle? ›

7 ways to solve New York Times (NYT) crossword puzzle clues
  1. Start Smart. NYT crosswords increase in difficulty throughout the week. ...
  2. Easy First Does It Best. ...
  3. Find The Shorter Answers And Use Crosswordese. ...
  4. Be On The Lookout For Rebuses And hom*onyms. ...
  5. Give Yourself A Break.

What is the hardest crossword in the world? ›

A renowned British crossword maker called Marc Breman created in 2018 what's thought to be the world's hardest cryptic crossword to date. Not only are the clues fiendishly hard, but the crossword itself is rather large, with 64 clues.

What is the hardest crossword day in the WSJ? ›

The daily puzzles are arranged in graded difficulty from Monday (easiest) through Saturday (hardest). The Sunday puzzle, which is larger—typically 21x21, vs 15x15 for the daily—is said to have a difficulty equivalent to about Thursday.

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