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Overview : Despicable Me 4 full movies ~ Gru and Lucy and their girls — Margo, Edith and Agnes — welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad. Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina, and the family is forced to go on the run..

Title original : Despicable Me 4

Runtime : 95 min

Status : Post Production

Release Date : 27 June 2024

Tagline : Things just got a little more despicable.

Genres : Animation | Family | Comedy | Action | Science Fiction |

Production Companies : Illumination Universal Pictures

Production Countries: United States of America|

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Watch ~ Despicable Me 4 2024 (!FulLMovie.) Online Free (2024)


What will Despicable Me 4 be about 2024? ›

In the upcoming movie, Gru, Lucy and their girls — Margo, Edith and Agnes — welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad. Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal and his femme fatale girlfriend.

Is Despicable Me on Hulu? ›

Additionally, you can check Despicable Me 4 the movie is available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, as they often offer a wide selection of movies and TV. Mark your calendars for July 8th, as that's when Despicable Me 4 will be available on Disney+.

Where is Despicable Me 4? ›

Once Maxime breaks out of jail, he vows to make Gru and his family members pay the price for his arrest. Currently, the only way you can see Despicable Me 4 is in theaters. Eventually, Despicable Me 4—which is distributed by Universal Pictures—will make its streaming video on demand debut on Peaco*ck TV.

How many Despicable Me videos are there? ›

The franchise began with the 2010 film of the same name, which was followed by three sequels, Despicable Me 2 (2013), Despicable Me 3 (2017), and Despicable Me 4 (2024) and by two spin-off prequels, Minions (2015) and Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022).

Why is Dru not in Despicable Me 4? ›

Does Dru return in Despicable Me 4? Yes, Dru returns in Despicable Me 4. However, he only appears toward the end of the movie. In the film's ending, Dru can be seen attending a family party following Gru's successful defeat of Maxime Le Mal.

Will there be Despicable Me 5? ›

Illumination Hasn't Announced A Sequel

With that said, Despicable Me 5 is not official yet, and it could take a few years before the green light is finally given. Though plans were put in place for Despicable Me 4 back in 2017, it wasn't until 2022 that it was formally announced.

Will Despicable Me 4 be on Netflix? ›

Following its run on Peaco*ck, "Despicable Me 4" will eventually make its way to Netflix. This transition typically happens several months after the initial streaming release on Peaco*ck. Therefore, Netflix viewers might get access to the movie by late 2024 or early 2025.

Will Despicable Me 4 be on Peaco*ck? ›

"Despicable Me 4" is now playing in theaters. Despicable Me 4 will likely be streaming on Peaco*ck approximately three to four months after its theatrical release — or sometime around October or November 2024.

Did Despicable Me leave Netflix? ›

Since Despicable Me left Netflix, however, fans have had a tough time finding it on a streaming service. That is about to get easier this week. Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, Despicable Me isn't returning to the service any time soon.

Who is the new girl in Despicable Me 4? ›

Joey King as Poppy Prescott

; Poppy in 'Despicable Me 4'. Joey King is the voice behind Poppy Prescott, the child of Patsy and Perry Prescott and one of Gru's new neighbors who aspires to be a supervillain. “I love my character.

Who is the bad guy in Despicable Me 4? ›

The story follows Gru and his family as they are relocated to a safe house to hide from Maxime Le Mal, an old rival of Gru who seeks revenge.

Will Bob the Minion be in Despicable Me 4? ›

Yes, the Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob – plus several hundred of their fellow pint-sized sidekicks – are back in the new animated feature Despicable Me 4, and causing roughly the same amount of chaos as in the first three movies, plus their two spinoff features.

How tall is Gru? ›

In the films, Gru is typically shown to be around 14 feet (4.27 meters) tall.

What language do Minions speak? ›

The Minions speak Minionese, sometimes called “the Banana language”. Minionese is what's known as a constructed language – or “conlang”. Conlangs are often a feature of works of fantasy and science fiction.

How many girls does Gru have? ›

Until the day he encounters three little orphaned girls who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad. Now the world's greatest villain has just met his greatest challenge: three adorable little girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes.

What is the plot for Despicable Me 4? ›

What's coming out in cinema in 2024? ›

Your Go-To Guide For Movie Releases in 2024
  • June. 5: Bad Boys 4. 14: Inside Out 2. ...
  • July. 5: MaXXXine. 12: Despicable Me 4. ...
  • August. 2: Harold and the Purple Crayon. 9: Trap. ...
  • September. 6: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. ...
  • October. 4: Joker: Folie à Deux. ...
  • November. 8: Paddington in Peru. ...
  • December. 13: Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim.

Who is the villain of Despicable Me 4? ›

The yellow Minionese-speaking Minions are back and Maxime Le Mal is the newest villain to cause mayhem in Illumination's “Despicable Me 4,” directed by Chris Renaud and Patrick Delage.

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